Zak Roby

Job title: Director

Born in: London – Home of the Great (and of Pie and Mash)

History: 15 years of event experience, working all over the world, from London, to Barcelona, to Oslo, to the U.A.E, and even Beirut.

Experience: Event Management of most types, if not all types of events, from Creative Experiential Events, to Awards, Conferences, Exhibition Stands, Roadshows, and helping client’s to design and build entire Event Strategies.

Biggest challenge: Convincing two of my Event Crew that working in a Hezbollah controlled region of the Middle East, was actually perfectly safe and that the guns were there for show……

Tags: Event Strategy, Event ROI, Creative Events, Awards, Conferences, Event Tender Responses, Event Management, Event Production, Event Innovation, AV innovation. Exhibition Stands, Content Design.

Something you didn’t know: Arrested at the Algerian border after crossing the Sahara, and only managing to escape at night in a very questionable ‘cell’ after agreeing to buy one of the Border Police a new hat.