Simon Lane

Job title: Development Director

History: I left school and went straight into the world of work at 18, starting as a van driver (I loved that job as I could use the van to cart my drum kit around), then as my career progressed went on to run two international businesses which was great fun and gave me fantastic experience. I have travelled the world commercially and spent a lot of time in China, I certainly would have chosen to live in Shanghai for a period had the opportunity arisen pre kids.

Experience: Building business over many years, through developing long term customer relationships. Seeking out new markets, opportunities and challenges across a number of industry sectors. All things auto related ‘nut’, with a quirky taste in personal transport. Public speaking at number of international trade conventions.

Biggest challenge: Avoiding wine and Galaxy chocolate on school nights!!

Tags: Sales, marketing, business management, automotive, precious metals, soft furnishings, people management, manufacturing, public speaking and a whole tranche of other business related experiences.

Something you didn’t know: By a twist of fate ended up playing the drums for Thin Lizzy at the Hammersmith Odeon, Phil Lynott asked me which songs I knew “all of them”….. I replied!!