Sarah Moore

Job title: Account Manager

Born in: Gloucester

Qualifications: BA Hons in Graphic Design

History: 15 years event experience at TMB with a digital marketing background

Experience: Sarah has worked across a broad range of clients but mainly Automotive (VW, Alfa, Hyundai, Renault) or car related in some way (Dunlop/HiQ). Currently working on the Tesco Mobile, Wella & RS Accounts but can still replace a battery with a transformer if required!

Biggest challenge: 3 weeks to pull together the Hyundai stand at Goodwood….delivered! “I like to work under pressure, I love working as part of a team (hence being in events) and love seeing my work come together in the form of a live event!” she adds. And that’s why we and our clients love Sarah!

Tags: event management, graphic design, event marketing, digital marketing, team management, project management, supply chain management, reporting and crisis management

Something you didn’t know: