Linsey Jones

Job title: Account Manager

Born in: Oxford

Qualifications: Degree in retail therapy….and she is good at it!

History: Has worked in events (and been with TMB Events) for 7 years following jobs in retail and local government.

Experience: Charity Dinner for Mencap with 1400 guests & Retail Conference for 1200. Linsey is the impersonation of talent, positivity, energy and resourcefulness to make things happen… pure gold in the office, on site and after hours.

Biggest challenge: Keeping off facebook.

Tags: conferences, networking events, training roadshows , charity dinners, budget management, post-event reconciliation, pitch delivery, proposal development, event planning, event management, staff motivation and engagement queen.

Something you didn’t know: Hates coriander, negative people (her glass is always half full!) and time-wasters.