Joey Fuller

Job title: Account Executive

Born in: Salisbury

Qualifications: Degree in International Hospitality Management BSc (Hons)

History: 11 years’ work experience: paper round at 13 years old, Waitrose cashier, HR administrator and qualified event enthusiast

Experience: • Customer service skills- Cashier in Waitrose.
• Modernised HR administrative processes at Help for Heroes and helped implement new software.
• Helped organise the H4H staff Christmas party by transforming the old warehouse in Narnia on a very limited budget- a challenge but rewarding experience, which kick-started my passion for events.
• Embarked on a 4 year course at Oxford Brookes including a 1 year placement in London organising children’s parties and large corporate events.
• 1 year of organising internal college functions and external conferences in Oxford

Biggest challenge: Trying to keep my cool when I shook the hand of Prince Harry and he said it was nice to meet me- aah!

Tags: event planning, team management, budget management, charity event, children’s parties, customer service, conferences, official college functions, organisation.

Something you didn’t know: pranked a past colleague when I signed him up for Ant & Dec’s “I’m A Celebrity, Get Out Of My Ear”. I told him he needed to meet a VIP client to help organise their children’s party. He was met with Peter and Abbey Clancy at a decoy house where they were messing around and acting strangely because Ant & Dec were asking them to do silly things from an ear piece!