Jade Cowie

Job title: Account Executive

Born in: Milton Keynes

Qualifications: Social media marketing, Diploma’s in Graphic design and Business and Administration, certificate in Team Leading

History: BStarted working for a case management company, looking after their events and all things IT. Moved onto work for an events company, working closely with VWG.

Experience: Planning large conferences for a case management company and their clients; worked across many brands in VWG, especially with SKODA helping to plan their major cycling events; Implementing software such as CRM systems, cloud based systems and providing training on them; developing company websites

Biggest challenge: Planning her best friend’s wedding….without falling out!

Tags: event planning, Social media, team leading, budget management, weddings, conferences, organisation

Something you didn’t know: She loves to travel, and recently went to Thailand where she bathed the elephants and went zip lining through the jungle with the gibbons!