Galina Griffiths

Job title: Account Manager

Born in: Reading

Qualifications: Degree in Psychology BSc (Hons)

History: During her placement year at university, Gali tested the world of pharmaceutical events both in the UK and in Switzerland and on completion of her degree, she worked as an event planner. She brings all that energy and ability to dream big and create memorable events for TMB Events, where in her role as Account Executive she works with clients independently and effortlessly.

Experience: After 8 years at TMB Events, Gali has been involved in the delivery of corporate events for anything between 50 and 1200 guests. Gali spent her first years at TMB managing the Entertainment side of events where she gained invaluable experience working with a broad range of different clients including corporate clients such as Nestle and Invesco Perpetual as well as working on private parties and weddings. Gali now manages clients such as Tesco Mobile and Grocery Aid working proficiently on conferences as well as overseas events.

Biggest challenge: Organising for an important Boxing Match to be shown at an overseas event with less than 24 hours notice. The challenge was completed!

Tags: event planning, team management, negotiations, budget management, proposal writing, charity event, customer service, conferences, exhibitions, organisation.

Something you didn’t know: Took life into her own hands when jumping off a mountain in Switzerland…luckily she was attached to an instructor and a hang glider!