Barbi Felfel

Job title: Management Accountant

Born in: Oxford

Qualifications: AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians)

History: Barbi has been everywhere…telecomms, IT, marketing, pharma, publishing

Experience: Barbi is a seasoned pro having been at it for over 30 years. (We know, she doesn’t look it!)

Biggest challenge: Balancing the books!

Tags: negotiations, accounting, time-management, business management, payroll management and award-winner juggler against the clock

Something you didn’t know: Had a conversation once with someone called Cindy and when Barbs told the lady her name was Barbi she took umbrage and put the phone down. Good job because she was about to tell her that her husband is called Ken … (that is a joke by the way!) And one more thing: she’s afraid that she may end up looking like Shrek if she has to watch that movie one more time! What if?