Community projects

We understand the need to ‘give something back’ and over the years, have worked with a number of clients to develop and deliver community – and school – based initiatives.

Our most recent project has been the Tesco Football Cup – a UK-wide football competition for youth community teams. Involved from the concept and planning stage, we initially researched the feasibility of the programme before designing the competition to meet the client’s objectives. TMB Events is responsible for the entire programme, including communication with participants, liaison with Football Associations and production and management of the competition rounds and the grand finale.

We have also become experts in school-based programmes that fit into the curriculum and are readily accepted by teachers and the educational establishment. For Audi, we have created marketing specific and bespoke programmes around classical music (Audi Junior Musician), design (Audi Young Designer of the Year) and science innovation (Audi Innovation Award)

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