Project Description

The VWCV Fleet & Converter Forum brings together the network’s fleet sales teams and VWCV’s preferred commercial vehicle converters.

The Forum is in the format of a one day event that encompasses an exhibition (involving all the converter companies), a main plenary followed by several workshop sessions.

The third year of the Fleet & Converter Forum was in its planning and on course for live delivery in May 2020. However with the pandemic halting the process consideration then went into how the event could be staged.

TMB Solution

TMB Events proposed solutions for a virtual delivery. Working with a director, script writer, production team and camera crew the Fleet & Converter Forum team embraced the new way of event delivery.

Using the Volkswagen Group UK preferred guest management and streaming tool, Bizzabo, TMB Events developed the communications strategy and designed the flow of the event based on the platforms capabilities and TMB’s virtual experience to date.

As well as building the front end guest registration website and comms, TMB also coached internal staff with back end processes to support on the day. From helpdesk support to mediating Q&A.

The look and feel of the event was also important and the chosen theme ran through from initial email comms, to the guest website, registration app, to the streaming background and studio design.

The final format of the event took the shape of a short one day “event” with a mix of live to camera sessions intertwined with pre-recorded material and included breaks for morning coffee, lunch & afternoon tea. To ensure the event remained engaging during the breaks a series of VWCV current ads and other relevant social media material was developed.

Throughout the vision was to stream a TV quality broadcast with a programme schedule that kept guests attention.

COVID considerations for crew & presenters

All along COVID secure precautions and risk assessments took place. Pre arrival COVID risk assessments were produced, with all that were due onsite at the filming studio being briefed before arrival.

Crew & staff onsite were limited to the absolute minimum numbers and where possible contributed virtually.

Pre-recorded material that took place on location (vox pops) involved no more than 4 people including crew, to ensure social distancing was maintained. Elements of the rehearsal particularly the Q&A took place virtually with speakers being PiPed in from their homes.

The pre-recorded sessions were scheduled in order that the presenters did not overlap and there was sufficient time between to sanitise. Even on arrival to the studio everyone entering the building had to complete initial safety checks before being allowed onsite. The studio was self-contained with its own amenities ensuring there was no cross contamination with other productions and all areas were regularly sanitised.


The event was rescheduled for October 2020 and overall the take up was excellent for what was planned as the VWCV inaugural event and in line with the live event in the previous year.