Project Description

Volkswagen UK commissioned via a partner agency a series of retailer events to help boost vehicle sales at key times in the year. The VIP Sales Weekend were designed as a ready-made solution that was quick, easy and cost-effective to deploy as required by the network, and consisted of collaterals, pre-event support, onsite logistics and feedback collection tools. In 2015 TMB organised a total of 21 VIP events for different retailer groups held over the weekend at various locations across the UK, but especially in the South-East.

TMB’s Solution

TMB managed the outbound and / or inbound telemarketing campaign by either contacting the retailers’ database to promote the weekend and book appointments or by receiving calls from customers wishing to attend the promotional weekend. Some retailers opted to fulfil this element themselves so their sales people can build a rapport with their dormant customers. Prior to the event start we provided the retailer with printed collateral, which was then used by the retailers to mail all confirmed appointments. The pack included a VIP car park pass, which often entitled the customer to free valeting, and two VIP badges – these were used on arrival to highlight to the hostess and retailer staff that this was a pre-booked VIP customer. The day before the event it was time to dress the site with flags, banners and a red carpet, which helped advertise the event over the weekend. Our on-site hostess met and greeted each VIP customer, ensured they were looked after pre-appointment and asked them to complete a short satisfaction survey at the end of their visit. They also collected information on the sales achieved over the weekend. Post event all the completed surveys were collated, along with the sales stats and a report was generated. 

The Outcome

With an average of 36 appointments per day, the events typically provided three times as many sales compared to an average weekend so they were seen as an easy and cost-effective opportunity to engage with existing and prospective clients.’