Project Description

In what has become an annual tradition, Toyota and Lexus Fleet Services commission a hospitality event at Luton Hoo the day prior to Company Car in Action.

TMB’s Solution

The event took place on June 15th and was aimed at providing key fleet buyers with a taste of Japan as a preamble to experiencing the latest line-up of the Japanese maker’s models, including the revolutionary Toyota Mirai FCV (fuel cell vehicle).

Designing a Japanese / British fusion theme was not difficult for the specialists at TMB Entertainment who brought in Japanese taiko drummers who alongside a silhouette artist delighted the guests during the pre-dinner drinks. Another act reminiscent of Japan and its world-class technology know-how were Halo Glow who were in charge of the post dinner entertainment.

The menu received the Japanese-British treatment too and guests were treated to the iconic miniature bonsai trees as reminders of the detailed craftsmanship and impressive beauty that can be achieved even in the smallest of forms.

The Outcome

We’d like to think we managed to set the scene for some sound decision-making! And even improved our Japanese a little!’