Project Description

In 2018, Audi launched its new customer loyalty programme known as Audi presents. The programme is available for loyal Audi owners and gives them the opportunity to attend exclusive brand experiences in the following areas:

  • Live Entertainment

  • Virtual

  • Football

  • Food

  • Film

TMB’s Solution

TMB won the programme after its first year of operation. At this point the booking process was managed manually with customers calling or emailing to book their space and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets were used to register customers for their chosen event. Operating in this manner was time consuming but also left a great deal of room for human error and customer frustration

Over time the programme has established itself and grown. A few years on and we now operate an Audi presents website which enables guests to book their events choices directly online. We are able to design and issue emails to customers or groups of customers as and when we see fit without the need to involve a third party. Working hand-in-hand with the Audi UK Events Team we have proposed positive changes and have helped develop the operation of the programme including; the way the website operates, customer information storage, development of the customer facing communications, internal reporting and much, much more.

Knowing the programme as well as we do and assisting with the development work has meant that we have a great depth of knowledge. We can foresee issues, question decisions and solve any customer queries.

Apart from operational changes we have also experienced changes in the offering of the Audi presents programme and assisted with the change at the start of March 2020 when the pandemic hit. With virtual experiences in demand, Audi presents were able to adapt and start offering such virtual events as celebrity cooking experiences, live music experiences and Q&A sessions.

The Outcome

Throughout its short history, the Audi presents programme has always been popular with its customer base with most events “selling/booking” out within a few days of going live.

Audi presents is fast becoming an integral part of the Audi UK customer offering with now over 30,000 active owners’ part of the programme and is increasingly very popular with current Audi owners. The programme will continue to expand and develop, ensuring a wide range of exciting events are planned for Audi owners in the future.