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We’ve always known we’ve had what it takes to jazz-up a party and get some ‘ahhhh’ gasps during our events but we haven’t expected to be ahead of the, shall we call it ‘e-trend’, when including the e-trons in one of our early January pitches.

By the time of the event, the e-trons were glossing the pages of leading event industry magazines and their LED Tron dance was entrancing audiences across Europe. E-lectric on an e-cstatic level! And bang on the client’s product name too!



This award ceremony cum party brought together over 600 automotive technicians, sales and after sales personnel, customer service and brand managers from across the UK with the sole purpose of recognizing and celebrating their pursuit of excellence.

The event adopted a unique format and the theme has been linked to performance, motivation and the automotive world. The theme is completely timeless and has subsequently been adopted by our client as an umbrella theme for future events. Can you guess the theme? Email us your suggestions at hello@tmb-events.com, subject line: “Web updates – Can you guess the theme?” and we will reward the entry that hits (or almost hits) the spot with a bottle of bubbly. For real!

High notes